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@mattrogowski on Twitter

Dear Apple, please make a backlit wireless keyboard, Regards, Me.

@mattrogowski - Thu 29th Dec 11, 14:17 - via TweetDeck - 37 retweets, 2 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

After all this time? Always.

@mattrogowski - Thu 22nd May 14, 21:15 - via Tweetbot for Mac - 6 retweets, 38 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

If a 10 year old breaks a bottle of beer/wine/etc in a supermarket, would they have to pay for it?? Surely it's illegal, they're underage.

@mattrogowski - Mon 8th Nov 10, 18:44 - via TweetDeck - 18 retweets, 4 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

To whoever keeps DDoS’ing @mybbgroup, why don’t you go outside and make some friends instead of attacking open source software.

@mattrogowski - Sat 27th Jul 13, 20:58 - via Tweetbot for Mac - 10 retweets, 5 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

You know you've spent too long on the internet when you see #veryvalentines trending and immediately think it's a Doge trend.

@mattrogowski - Fri 7th Feb 14, 15:24 - via Twitter Web Client - 9 retweets, 6 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

Twitter really need to add a feature so that every time "Sir David Attenborough" is trending, they add "(don't worry)" afterwards.

@mattrogowski - Fri 20th Jul 18, 09:25 - via Twitter Web Client - 5 retweets, 14 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

iPad adverts: shows what an iPad can do. Microsoft Surface advert: stupid dancing with annoying clicking of keyboards and stands. Right.

@mattrogowski - Sat 27th Oct 12, 16:44 - via Tweetbot for Mac - 8 retweets, 0 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

Anyone seen a mad blue van driver around Coltishall area? Ran my dad off the road this morning. Need reg Please RT @Brays_Cottage @jonoread

@mattrogowski - Mon 27th Feb 12, 11:57 - via Tweetbot for iOS - 8 retweets, 0 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

Flash based sites need to die.

@mattrogowski - Sun 16th Dec 12, 18:48 - via Tweetbot for Mac - 7 retweets, 0 favourites

@mattrogowski on Twitter

Unlike Android, iPhone users get iOS5 today, not when my carrier wants to give it to me, and it's without modifications from manufacturer.

@mattrogowski - Wed 12th Oct 11, 18:37 - via Tweetbot for iOS - 6 retweets, 2 favourites

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