I finally saw Jimmy Eat World live

Anybody who knows me well knows that Jimmy Eat World are my favourite band in the whole world ever. There's no other band where I can have such a big back catalogue and can listen to it all without not wanting to skip any, or with so many songs that I love and really connect with. Until last year I'd never seen them live though.

They played in Norwich in 2010 (I didn't go as I didn't want to go alone), and in 2011 they played two shows in London playing two of my favourite albums (well, favourites now, one of them not so much at the time) back to back in full (which I didn't even know happened until recently), but as they had a new album out in 2013, I had to make sure I saw them. And I did.

I was so alone, and I owe you so much

I need to get something off my chest. This is something extremely personal to me, not something I like talking about, I've only told two people about it until now, and it's something I'm pretty embarrassed about, but it's time I just let it all out. This is the last time I'll let myself go over it or talk about it so it gives me a small sense of closure, and isn't something I want to keep bottled up inside anymore. I wanted to keep it short but I kept adding more and more and it's gone a bit How-I-Met-Your-Mother, a bit long and convoluted and overly-detailed, but needs it for everything to make sense and to make the point in the end. It's something not everybody will understand, and that's fine, not everybody needs to, but it is what it is. What happened here hit me very hard, and this is the only way I can deal with it and try to understand it, this is my therapy and my release, to stop me thinking about it forever.